Thursday, March 11, 2010

UK Center for Research on Violence Against Women

UK Center for Research on Violence Against Women:

Press Release from University of Kentucky

Jordan Article Nominated for 2009’s Best

The journal Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal has announced that a published manuscript authored by Center Director Carol Jordan has been nominated for the journal’s 2009 Best Article Award. The manuscript, “Advancing the Study of Violence Against Women: Evolving Research Agendas into Science” was published by the journal in April 2009. The paper advanced the work of the Center and the field of study on violence against women by proposing creation of a new area of science for understanding and ending all forms of violence against women.

Jordan, C.E. (2009). Advancing the study of violence against women: Evolving research agendas into science. Violence Against Women, 15, 393 – 419.

Decades of research produced by multiple disciplines have documented withering rates of violence against women in the U.S. and around the globe. To further an understanding of gendered violence, a field of research has developed, but recent critiques highlight weaknesses that inhibit a full scientific exploration of these crimes and their impacts. This review extends beyond prior reviews to explore the field’s unique challenges, its community of scientists, and the state of its written knowledge. The review argues for moving beyond “research agendas” and proposes creation of a transdisciplinary science for the field of study of violence against women."

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