Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Achieving Successful Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships

that Strengthen Practice and Policy

Focus Group Participants and Interviewees Needed

The National Institute of Justice has devoted substantial efforts to promoting researcher-practitioner partnerships specific to violence against women (VAW) research. As a result, there have been numerous partnerships specific to this topic. Partners have acquired much knowledge to inform future partnering efforts.

Tami Sullivan (Yale University School of Medicine) and Bonnie Fisher (University of Cincinnati) have been funded by the National Institute of Justice to document and synthesize lessons learned from Violence Against Women researcher-practitioner partnerships to promote building and enhancing future partnerships in the following domains: (a) Assessing the need for criminal justice researcher-practitioner partnerships; (b) Issues in the development of collaborative criminal justice research partnerships, including barriers to and facilitators of partnering; (c) Balancing the needs of researchers and practitioners throughout the process; (d) Methods for disseminating and translating results that are useful and beneficial to both parties; (e) Sustainability of partnerships.

As a researcher or practitioner who is partnering or has partnered regarding VAW research, you are invited to share your experiences and knowledge in an effort to document the development and sustainability of these types of partnerships within the criminal justice system. We are seeking practitioners and researchers for focus groups or one-on-one interviews. Your input is extremely valuable; we appreciate your willingness to share your experiences and knowledge.

We anticipate that your involvement will require participation in a 60- to 90- minute focus group or personal interview; focus groups will be audio-taped and interviews will be video-taped. Participants will be remunerated for their time in accordance with NIJ guidelines.

To be considered as a participant in the focus group or as an interviewee, please send an email to or

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